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♥♥♥ This is where my ARASHI obsession begins.... ♥♥♥

ARASHI .. you are my soul..soul..

3 October
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.:about me:.

domo.. i'm myra..
i really addicted to arashi..
my ichiban are matsujun ♥ sakurai sho..
jun-kun..~~!! DAISUKI...~~~!!!
he is cho kakkoi ne.. =)
demo ne..
i also ♥ horikita maki.. she is so kawaaii..
can't wait to see her acting with my both ichiban.. ^^

that is simple thing about me..~~
hope i can be friends with all arashi fan..
yoroshiku onegaishimasu,,, =)
thanks to ll13jl for this profile layout.. houtouni arigato ne..~~♥ .

.:more about me..???:.

i'm now in university..
taking computer n communication engineering(such a tough course.. demo.. gambette to my self ne)..^^
i'm graduating.. (^_^)
everyday i HAVE to sit in front of computer doing assignment/watching my ikemen ARASHI.. hehehe..=p
is there anything that i have to share??
i think just this for this time being..
i will update later..
ja ne.. =).

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